Author: North Shore Mums   Date Posted:27 March 2018 

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NSM Beauty Review: Albencé Skincare




Do you love the look, feel and results of luxury skincare products, but don’t like the price tag? Albencé is a skincare range that combines the finest natural ingredients with active anti-aging agents (and has no nasties). To put them to the test, Albencé gave three of their signature products to North Shore Mums with different skin types, to see what kind of results they got. 

Albencé is a high quality skincare range that combines anti-ageing actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, Q10 and Heptapeptide-8; together with the finest quality of bio-active natural ingredients. Their products are artificial fragrance free, sulphate free, paraben free and mineral oil free… with absolutely no nasties added. Their products are simple and effective, and they claim that their moisturiser and skincare products deliver similar (if not better!) results when compared to a $400 bottle of luxury branded cream. We like the sound of that!

Albencé skincare products are made in Australia, and formulated especially for the harsh Aussie climate.

Three North Shore Mums – Brianna, Melissa & Sarah – were each given the three products listed below, to try for one week and share their results.


The Reviews

Reviewer #1: Brianna, 37 years old

  • Currently uses: SKII, L’Occitane and Estee Lauder
  • Skin Type: Oily
  • Daily conditions: Work from home, air con when hot
  • Concerns: Under eye dark circles and ageing.

Fortunately, we had four seasons in one week, so I got to test Albencé skincare products under all conditions.

I have oily skin that gets easily irritated when it’s humid (i.e. during summer) and dries to a crisp when it’s cold, dry and windy (i.e. winter). Thankfully the mix and match style of the Rejuvenation Facial Treatment, Radiance Face Cream and the Radiance Eye Cream is the solution to my skin’s “princess tendencies”.

The Rejuvenation Facial Treatment can be used as a serum with your creams (that is, you mix it into your eye and face cream before applying) or on its own. This is a powerhouse product that makes your skin glow and gives it a smoothed, velvety appearance.

When it’s humid (and you only need to look at me in the wrong way for a rash to break out all over my face!), I used the Rejuvenation Facial Treatment on its own. It doesn’t sink in straight away, so it may affect the way your makeup goes on top, but I liked that it made applying BB cream much easier – it just glided over the top!

Crucially, it kept outbreaks away and had my face feeling hydrated all day long, and I didn’t end up with red blotches as I would normally do at the end of an active day.

On colder days, I really enjoyed the additional richness that came with applying the Radiance Face Cream and the Radiance Eye Cream. They are both luxurious creams that apply beautifully. Like the Facial Treatment, these creams are loaded with the prime ingredients you would normally expect to find in the much pricier branded products. The cream sank in nicely, giving my skin a lovely base for makeup, or none at all.

In fact, the week that I was using nothing but Albencé products, was also the week that I walked out of the house with no makeup on for the very first time!

I think the key to the Albencé range is that you can make it your own to suit your skin. By using more or less of the Facial Treatment with more or less of the Eye and Face Cream, you can have a custom blend that suits your face for whatever time of the day or night, and whatever the weather conditions are. I’m a real fan of this as I find I need something different all the time and hate needing ten different products to achieve this. I like that the results are on par with the much pricier products and there aren’t any nasty chemicals in any of these.

Reviewer #2: Melissa, 40 years old

  • Currently uses: Jojoba and Black Chicken
  • Skin Type: Normal
  • Daily conditions: Works indoors (air-conditioning) and outdoors
  • Concerns: Fine lines and dullness

My skin would be classed as ‘normal’ – it’s not particularly oily, not particularly dry. I have fine lines around my eyes and am starting to notice that my skin is not as supple as it once was. I’m a busy working mum, so don’t have a lot of time to spend on myself… yet I’d love to see fewer lines, more ‘glow’ and to look slightly younger than I sometimes feel!

One of the things I liked about the Albencé products was the fairly neutral smell. I dislike overpowering cosmetics; and the Facial Treatment and Face Cream had a subtle scent of mild almond, with a hint of geranium.

I also liked that it felt like my skin was being hydrated and it didn’t immediately sink into my skin and disappear. A little bit goes a long way too, especially with the facial treatment which is essentially like a serum that you use in conjunction with the face cream. For daytime, I preferred using the face cream; that is without the serum, as a base for makeup. I liked to use the facial treatment for nighttime as it took a bit longer to soak into my skin. The Eye Cream was lovely and had a nice smooth feel to it.

After using the products for a week or so, my skin felt well hydrated.

Reviewer #3: Sarah, 26 years old

  • Currently uses: Garnier & Paw Paw
  • Skin Type: Fair, freckled, normal-oily
  • Daily conditions: Work from home but do get a lot of sun exposure from exercise.
  • Concerns: Leathery appearance, marks and fine lines around eyes (already!!)

I used the Albencé products for a week, and could see a real difference in such a short time. The eye cream and facial treatment worked so well together. When I applied them overnight, it helped to reduce the appearance of my dark circles and tired eyes. As soon as I put it on, I could feel it working!

The rejuvenation facial treatment is gorgeous. Unlike some oil-based products, it actually absorbed into my skin easily and didn’t pool or stay oily. The smell is gorgeous – almond, with a hint of rose. I used it on its own twice, in the morning when I wasn’t going out. I think you could probably apply make up afterwards without any issues – it doesn’t stay on the surface for long if worked in properly.

The first time I applied the radiance face cream, I did so as directed, use 2-3 pumps. I found that when it is used with the eye cream, I needed less for full coverage of my face.

The products are great – definitely worth a try if you are looking for alternatives to standard creams and wanting to try something organic!