Luxury skincare without the hefty price tag


I had problematic skin throughout my teenage years. In the end, I tried Accutane, a powerful drug used to treat extreme acne. It immediately cleared my skin, but the side effect was a permanent reduction of oil glands.

As a result, I now have dry skin. The condition worsens as late nights and stress take their toll. I had trouble finding a suitable skin care product that provides long-lasting hydration.

I have tried several different moisturisers from all types of luxury brands to remedy this problem, only to find that they work for a few hours before the skin becomes flaky again.
Still, I religiously paid $400+ for a bottle of night cream.

I have also tried pharmacy-brand skin cream and anti-ageing products, but the results were not that great either. These products usually contain mineral oil and other nasties that only cause further problems for the skin.

I don't want to pay several hundred dollars for a bottle of cream when the results don’t even last a day.

I decided to create a skin care product range using botanical extracts, high-end anti-ageing actives and absolutely no nasties. The simple aim was to create the finest quality product that really works, without costing the earth. We are able to deliver a luxury product at a more affordable price because we are not running massive marketing campaigns like big name brands do. 

I’m really proud of the ALBENCÉ range of skin and beauty products, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.